Alpine Ironman

Alpine Ironman, primer edicion el 21 de octubre 1980 en Nueva Zelanda, es otra de la nominadas a las pioneras en el concepto de carreras de aventura, con 3 dias de carrera, disciplinas de ski, trail running y kayak. Su creador Robin Judkins junto a a Peter Tocker.

The Alpine Ironman was first held on 21 October 1980 in New Zealand. It was a three-day race featuring skiing, trail running and kayaking. The idea for the event came from Robin Judkins, who became the race's director, and his friend and business partner Peter Tocker; they were running Motatapu Canoes (later called the Outdoor Adventure Centre) in Wanaka. 


Judkins was skiing with the general manager of Radio Otago and asked for a job as a radio announcer. A few days later, Judkins was asked to do a voice test by talking about his idea for the Alpine Ironman. He made up a story as he went along, including that Peter Hillary would be competing, and that the first prize would be a trip around the world. When the radio station told him that they wanted to broadcast this recording, Judkins was dumbfounded: "You're joking." They didn't, and Judkins went to Christchurch to find a sponsor, and organised the event within five weeks.[1]