D48 Paso de los Toros 2005

History Team CHIPS Adventure

Around the end of August 2005, with the start of the “D48 Paso de los Toros” challenge, Nicolás Davyt, captain and co-founder of the team, accepted the challenge and began his search for other adventurers willing to face two days of competition. and 150km of cycling, canoeing and trekking. The task of "recruiting" was not easy. Many were who paraded down the catwalk of "possible adventurers" but none met the flagship requirement of this type of challenge: commitment and eager to overcome the challenge.

CHAT ICQ - javi / nico

With a "chat-icq" of the time History begins ...

Next to September, in a classic chat session between classmates who had not seen each other for a long time and after classic greetings, Nicolás invited Javier Burstin to join him in the adventure


To participate in D48, it was an adventure race with assistance, which required 4 members (3 racers+ 1 assistant). NICO / Javi / Galle and Marie was our first integration, being the 4 computer founders, and that is where the name came from. CHIPS.


nICO Davyt

IT / Captain

The Team Captain, Informatic and passionate about adventures, father, adventure racer since 2005, organizer of the XC Adventure Race, always contributing all his knowledge in all aspects for the benefit of the team's union.

El Javi

Javi Burstin

Computer Scientist / Co-Founder

Javi is one of the co-founders of the Team, also a computer scientist and now passionate about Kitesurfing, he was also part of the organization of the XC Adventure Race.

El Galle

Diego "Galle" Fontan

Co-Founder IT

Galle was the third member to join for the team's first adventure race, the D48 Paso de los Toros. He is also a computer scientist. Father, friend, always in a good mood and sleepy, experienced runner with years in the sport now living in California USA, venturing into triathlon and now to return to adventure races and surely at some point we will visit to participate in some stage there .


Marie Torres

Informática / Asistente / Coofundadora

Marie, is also computer science and was the fourth member to found the team, before the races required assistance and during all that period she was our support and help during the races, today she continues helping us from another place, to the firm as always.

Where does the name CHIPS Adventure come from?

The name "Chips" originates from the day-to-day life of its members, since in the beginning all the members were computer scientists and thanks to computer science as a profession the team was generated.

From a computer point of view, a CHIPS is an integrated circuit, specially designed to fulfill a certain job, generally a chip works with others, exchanging information in order to fulfill a larger task, which by itself cannot fulfill. As an analogy each of the team members "works" supports and helps others to together achieve a common goal. The objective varies constantly from one race to another, during the race and also outside of it.