During these many years, many have been part of the road with the team, some ran a race, others joined the training, some continue, others are no longer

Thank you very much to all who have been part of the team, from everyone you learn something and surely everyone has learned something, to those who join now on this path, welcome to adventure, as Antonio Machado says "you make your way by walking" take your first step;)

Team CHIPS Adventure 2020

Team for this 2020 adventure season that is paralyzed, but we continue to be excited and dreaming of new adventures to come.


nICO Davyt


The Team Captain, Informatic and passionate about adventures, father, adventure racer since 2005, organizer of the XC Adventure Race, always contributing all his knowledge in all aspects for the benefit of the team's union.

David Vega

David Vega

Coach / Strong Man

David is Alejandra's husband, he leads his group KM Running as a coach. A fan of travel and career planning abroad. A resistance for long-winded sports that infects the rest, commonly called in the group as "David Coperfield" and which is usually pushing us all to go faster.


Ale Isabella

The most "Normal"

Ale, is a Pilates teacher, taking David day by day, he had no choice but to join, with his years of experience in Sports, he adds more hours on his bike every day, paddling and running and surpassing himself day by day.


Luis Enrique


Luis Enrique joined in 2018 to fulfill one of the dreams of the team that was escaping us, participation in a stage of the ARWS and from that moment he contributed his knowledge in orientation and commitment to the team. By profession an accountant, father of a family, passionate about the adventures and fauna that he is constantly teaching us.